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About the studio:
Mark Levy Studio, Los Angeles CA based stained glass artisans, is celebrating its 35 year anniversary. Founded by Mark Levy in 1979, his background in both the decorative arts and architecture bring a well-rounded understanding and knowledge of all manner of design. Recently, an article written about stained glass  http://www.bloggernews.net/133230  discussed how Mark views not only the craft he has chosen to dedicate his life to, but also how he finds inspiration in even the most harrowing of un-planned events. “Design and ideas come from all sorts of sources, not just those that occur through the usual visual cues."

A common question asked of us is “do you stain your own glass”. The glass used in a stained glass window is actually produced in sheets just as other glass is, and then is cut into pieces that are assembled with lead. We follow the most honored traditions of the stained glass craft, with the added enhancement of modern day fabrication methods that enable glass to be used in ways never before possible.

The studios’ stained glass windows, in modern, contemporary and traditional designs can be found not only throughout Los Angeles, but from coast to coast and beyond. “Being able to create hundreds of stained glass windows over the years has been very rewarding on a professional level. Those we’ve created for here in Los Angeles hold a special meaning to us. All of our artisans are Los Angeles natives, and greatly enjoy enhancing the city of their birth with all manner of the glass-arts. There is a rich tapestry of stained glass throughout the city, and we take pride in our contributions to that history."

Creating all manner of the glass arts, Mark Levy Studio works in these disciplines along with stained glass:

  • Leaded glass, similar to stained glass but there are only textures and beveled glass used, no colored glass.
  • Laminated glass, which uses both a liquid as well as plastic material to bond various glass varieties together.
  • Hand-beveled glass where the edges of the glass are hand ground and polished to produce prismatic rainbows when sunlight strikes them.
  • Etched, or sand-carved glass, where an abrasive material such as sand is used to create patterns and imagery with a light or heavy texture on plate glass.
  • Fused glass, which uses intense heat from an electric kiln permanently bonds glass pieces together, as well as creating bas-relief surface treatment.

From the initial consultation, through the design process, fabrication and then installation, the studio always stays focused on our client’s requirements. We work with homeowners directly, or their interior designers, architects and contractors to provide the highest level of customer service possible. The recent 2014 Best Of Houzz.com Award we received (http://www.bloggernews.net/133425) ensures your project always has the highest level of care possible. While there may be more than a few stained glass studios to be found, the varied attributes we provide in both service and product are without peer. We welcome all types of commissions, with none too small or large. In a world of mass-production, inferior materials and dubious business practices, their award-winning commissions will bring that uber-level of quality, integrity and value to your project.

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